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Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is actively harnessing the online marketing and communication strategies to reach their target customers effectively. Surely, digital marketing has got great potential in terms of fast reach, analytics and cost-effectiveness. If you have not yet tasted the waters, it’s time to dive into the ocean of
digital marketing for greater business success.

Some of the basic and most effective digital marketing endeavors you can start for your travel & hospitality business are as follows.


Email Marketing
Everyone loves to travel. Approximately 95 % of online consumers use email. And, 91 % of consumers check their email once a day.

Don’t you think these above statistics are giving the message that people are looking out for your business in their email inboxes? You just need to send them the mails the right way without in timidating.

RAD365 Media will help your travel & hospitality business excel forward by implementing the professional email marketing strategies for you.

• Create custom email messages depicting travel plans, booking details etc.
• Create custom email content for customers belonging to different geographies.
• Exhibit discount offers, holiday booking date reminders etc. through automated email campaigns.
• Assure optimum email delivery through robust email infrastructure.

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Social Media Marketing
Social media channels can play a key role in building long-term relationships with customers seeking different types of travel and hospitality services.

Different customers have different expectations when it comes to travel and hospitality. The preferences and tastes differ according to factors such as age, demography, biological gender etc. Social media offers the businesses a centralized location where they can directly communicate with different audiences and offer custom solutions for each one of them.

• Reach your customers where they are available.
• Engage your customers by publishing exclusive travel content.
• Design custom travel plans as per your customer preferences.
• Enhance your online reach.

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Marketing Analytics
Analytics is a major element to determine the success rate of the online marketing campaigns. Travel & hospitality businesses like yours can enhance their digital marketing endeavorsthrough the proper use of analytics.

By identifying the right parameters that add to the brand value, it is possible to optimize the marketing efforts.

• Get a bird’s eye view of customer’s needs and their buying patterns.
• Know customer’s perception towards your brand as a whole.
• Achieve better campaign performance over time.
• Expand your service lines by gathering valuable data.

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