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Our Process

The model that we work on motivates us to separate the efficient from the not so efficient every day. Every digital marketing concept that we design and
develop for our clients is build on a strong foundation of previous research as what is working and what is not.


Win Now and In The Future. Choose The Best Digital Marketing Options


At RAD365 Media, we strive to create a common intersection point for creativity and technology. We put emphasis on creating the perfect mix, so as to assure that both the parameters really complement each other resulting in a greater good.

“Creativity + Technology + Implementation + Statistics = Our Working Model”

All our digital marketing services are backed up by a customized plan specific to the requirements of our clients. Right from the start, we assure that the step-wise implementation goes in the right direction so as to enhance the digital presence of the brands.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
There is loads of information out there in the digital world. The prime reason people consistently look out for information is they crave updated news. While businesses are busy updating themselves in the offline mode, they need to publish this in the online mode too.

“You have developed a new concept, new service line or a new product. Your audience is in need of it. But, if your audience cannot find you and your updated information, your efforts will not count.”

At RAD365 Media, we strive to bring relevant information about your products and services in front of your target audience. Through our email marketing practice, we make your prospective customers aware about the unique services and products you have to offer. While you continuously work on expanding your product or service lines, we keep on transmitting the relevant and updated information to the audience to grow their interest.

Our email marketing practice stands on the foundational pillars of content, design, technology and analytics. We provide interactive email templates fully customized to your business type. Our experts analyze your business well, so that they can enhance your brand awareness through the email marketing program.

At RAD365 Media, we use state of the art email marketing software for bulk emailing. Our analytics experts keep track of the whole campaign to get a precise status report of opened mails, click through rates, bounce rates, unread mails etc. We consistently provide you with the detailed reports, which become a prime indicator of the areas your prospective customers are interested in.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Incorporating social media marketing to each and every step of the marketing plan helps to maintain the consistency of communication. Social media establishes a common platform to foster communications between not only the businesses and customers but also among the customers.

From creating compelling content to sharing it in the social media, RAD365 Media does the ground work for you in order to help you stand out in the social space. Depending on your brand requirements, we will create the social media marketing plan for you. We will evaluate your existing status and make the necessary strategy to enhance the existing set up.

“After we devise the appropriate strategy for your business, we consistently create content from multiple perspectives. We share the content through the multiple social media channels and analyze the engagement levels of the audiences.”

At RAD365 Media, we believe in measurement. We derive periodic reports out of the social media processes we run for you and deliver those reports to you. Depending on the feedback received from the audiences, we strategize even more so as to get the best results out for you.
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Analytics
To stand out in this competitive business environment, businesses need to run innovative marketing campaigns using multiple channels. More importantly, they need to measure the effectiveness of the marketing initiatives by implementing different analytical procedures.

“RAD365 Media can help businesses in running the digital marketing programs and also keeping analytical track of those programs by making use of different innovative technological platforms.”

We focus on running comprehensive analysis because not a single factor can be taken for granted when it comes to recording the behavior of prospective customers.

Through our digital marketing analytics methodologies, we help our clients to predict the future right and take the required action to get the optimum results.