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Cost Per Thousand/ Cost Per Mille Email Marketing Model
Before signing up for any email marketing campaign model, businesses need to conduct a thorough analysis. You have different purposes to fulfill at different periods of time.
For example, if you are starting out your new business, your main priority becomes increasing the brand awareness and driving more local and global traffic towards your website. Likewise, if you are going to release your new product in the market, your priority may be to provide your targeted customers with introductory offers.

Your business priorities changes, so the email marketing models you are opting for should also change. Different email marketing models serve different purposes.

In the Cost per Thousand email marketing model, the rates are calculated per 1000 emails sent. In other words, the volume of emails is the parameter to calculate
the price that clients have to pay for the service.

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A demo CPM Calculation
For a service provider offering CPM rate as $30, if the client books an email campaign order of 10,000 emails; then the client will pay $300 ($30 ×10).
We set the email campaign rates on a tiered basis i.e. different custom pricing for different email volume range. Generally, the email volumes are tiered as:

» 1-10,000
» 10,000-50,000
» 50,000-100,000

Cost Per 1000 emails: A good starting point
Whether it is business to consumer marketing or business to business marketing, email marketing is an indispensable part of the marketing mix. The cost per thousand email marketing model is a starting point for businesses to understand the full spectrum of the email marketing. However, for more mature brands that prefer more targeted marketing campaigns, advanced models such as Cost Per Open and Cost Per Click will work.

Brands who want to initiate their email marketing endeavors with a friendly budget can consider the Cost per Thousand campaign model. Gradually, when they get the required confidence by interacting with their sales teams, they can move on to advanced tasks such as segmenting, custom messaging, predictive analysis and performance analytics etc.

The Cost per Thousand campaign model is limited in the way that brands cannot get specific details about the choices and preferences of their target customers.

Deriving Value Out Of the Cost per Thousand Campaign Model
Although the CPM model comes with its own limitations, still there are certain crucial points which when acted upon correctly can derive the value. These are the email databases and the email campaign pricing. We understand that brands need to get the maximum value expected out of any campaign whether it’s CPM, CPO or CPC.

Falling short in providing that value due to lack of streamlined operations and executionis worst for us and bad for your business. Our operations team will not let it happen. We are digital marketers and your business is our priority.

Why Should You Opt For Our Cost Per Thousand Model?

Email Databases:
Our comprehensive list of permission based consumer database is our strength. Our databases are passed through stringent profiling, analysis and cleaning. We understand the value of clean marketing data in driving the ROI and thus strictly maintain the authenticity of the email lists.

We follow the de-duplication technique to wipe out all the duplicate email addresses from the email lists and ascertain the accuracy of data.

We maintain the suppression list to extract all the emails that are non-functional and keep them out of the active lists.

Email Campaign Pricing:
Our competitive CPM pricing models will certainly help you get the required confidence to continue your campaigns under tight budget too. Using our high volume CPM plans, you can attain effective cost savings and return on your investments.

Streamlined Operations:
At RAD365 Media, proper execution of the email campaigns and ongoing support to clients are our priorities. We continuously make amendments to manage the bounces and other technical issues to provide the best value to your business.

Targeted lists:
The quality of email lists is an important factor responsible for the ample return on investment from the CPM campaign model. The lists are segmented according to different criteria’s such as age, geography, gender, industry, education etc. The CPM model doesn’t hold any sense if the emails are going to the wrong destinations.

Money invested should be invested at the right time and in the right direction. We distribute your CPM campaigns in the right channels, so that your message can reach the maximum target audience.

Our goal is to help our clients get close to their target audience without wasting their valuable time and money.

Our CPM Working Model

CPM Features You Should Consider Before Opting :
» Cost per Thousand is an economical choice for the branding campaigns. Businesses can use it for brand awareness and product awareness.
» CPM is a low risk model and is a preferred starting point for brands.
» CPM builds the confidence to opt for more advanced campaign models.