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Media, Entertainment and Publishing

In this age of multi-device information access, the marketing message must reach the customers through every possible digital channel. While the media, entertainment & publishing businesses are well versed with the digital concepts; marketing their businesses through the digital channels can act as a strong growth initiative.

We at RAD365 Media make an alignment between the technology and digital marketing, so that you can send custom messages to your target audiences.


Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most popular and cost-effective online marketing tools, which has a direct impact on the customers. Media, entertainment & publishing brands can leverage the potential of email marketing to communicate with their target audience in a personalized way.

• Grow your client base through focused emails.
• Enhance your online presence by getting traffic through your emails.
• Leverage the power of updated and properly maintained email database.
• Choose from flexible email marketing models.

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Social Media Marketing
Social media has emerged not only for individuals but also for businesses as well. Media, entertainment & publishing industries can reach their target customer groups by leveraging the different social media channels. Social media provides the necessary platform for businesses to support the delivery of their services and assure optimum customer satisfaction.

• Set up interactive social media marketing campaigns.
• Keep your audiences engaged through valuable content.
• Get valuable audience feedback through conversations.
• Analyze the real-time competition in the social media space.
• Assess demography-wise preferences and design custom services.

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Marketing Analytics
With the increasing competition in the media, entertainment & publishing industries; it is very important to assess the effectiveness of marketing mix at regular intervals of time. Analytics is an integral part of digital marketing which helps the organizations to prepare themselves for the upcoming demands of their customers.

• Respond to changing market conditions well.
• Analyze the specific results from different digital marketing channels.
• Optimize your media delivery platforms through valuable insights.
• Personalize your services and build stronger business relationships.

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