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Beauty and Fashion

RAD365 Media helps beauty and fashion brands to grow and increase their market share. By aligning our digital marketing procedures with your business processes, we
strive to reduce your marketing costs and enhance your reach significantly.
The demand for beauty products is growing and will continue to grow. Whether you have a skincare, hair care or any other cosmetic product to sell; the best strategy in
today’s world is to be active in the digital arena.


At RAD365 Media, we offer a unique mix of email, social media and analytics capabilities in order to provide you with the best results.

Different products such as jewelries, apparels, clothes wear etc. need proper segmentation to effectively enter into the market. Understanding the digital buying patterns of customers interested in purchasing beauty products is necessary.

How Can Email Marketing Help Beauty & Fashion Brands?
Email marketing provides the option to reach right into the consumer’s inbox and persuade them as how your beauty care is going to help them regain their lost glamour. We have specialized opt-in email databases segmented by parameters such as demographics, age group, product preferences etc., which will give you the assurance that your message will be going to the right audiences.

Our email marketing practices will strive to give you the best results in terms of customer engagement. You can choose from our different email campaign models such as the Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per Open (CPO) and Cost per Click (CPC). Your requirements are important to us and we help you choose the campaign model that would yield good results for you in a cost-effective manner.

Our content and design will speak your brand and thus we tell this a unique approach from our part. By providing content that your targeted consumers can connect to and by giving them the information they need to make the decisions, we try to create the best impact of your product among the target customers.

All our email marketing endeavors are focused on engaging content. We understand that customers want engaging content to get confident about the decisions they will be taking in the future. And thus, we try to implement the best content practices that can result in an engaging email marketing program.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Beauty & Fashion Brands?
Social media is one of the best platforms for the beauty and fashion brands to engage with the customers. With a robust social media strategy in place, the brands can showcase their products to their targeted groups and can broaden their fan base to a great extent.

At RAD365 Media, we follow the latest social media marketing trends to make your brand standout among your competitors. We will help you in your journey towards reaching the customers by giving them the vital information that they need before opting for a specific product.

How Can Marketing Analytics Help Beauty & Fashion Brands?
Lack of information is a threat to business. You are a player in the beauty and fashion world and thus your beauty is consistently judged by your consumers. Are you constantly updated about what your consumers want? In this creative world, the tastes and preferences change constantly and thus we also need to change in order to cater to those demands.

At RAD365 Media, our marketing analytics practices are here to keep you updated about what your consumers want. We cater to your information needs by providing you with accurate analytical details of the digital interactions. By keeping track of the processes and measuring the results, we deliver you with foundational data for your business decision making approaches.